HARMONIX Resonance Tuning, what else ?!

Resonance Tuning,
what else ?!

More than 25 years on the market, but they are not the “toys for boys” like most other audio accessory products. If my name was George Cloony, I would definitely say “Harmonix Tuning – What Else?” The Harmonix range is...
REIMYO meet the best ...

meet the best …

This is quite a statement, but there is really only one system that can carry this prestigeous label. Reimyo is a small japanese brand with a huge reputations. Reimyo started in the nineties with WE-300B PAT-777 power amplifier it made...
HARMONIX room tuning beyond expectation

HARMONIX room tuning
beyond expectation

The real influence of all room acoustic behaviours on sound and music reproduction is still far under estimated by everyone, even by sound and acoustic engineers. Room modes, reverberations, reverberation patterns, resonating and sound absorbing objects and construction materials, their...
BLACKNOISE a powerful relieve

a powerful relieve

‘The power of power’could be a simple phrase to start a discussion about the influence of a power distribution system on the sound quality and musical performance of your audio gear. Loosing on dynamics is the biggest of all fear...
Harmonix RF-999Million there is nothing alike

Harmonix RF-999Million
there is nothing alike

Almost 25 years Harmonix tuning products are worldwide leading audio accessories for improving sound and music performances of audio systems. Five years ago Chief designer Kazuo Kiuchi of Combak Corporation in Japan started his “Million Maestro Series” project. With the RF-999M Million Spike Base Kiuchi-San added an unbelievable fifth creation to his project. If you...
PurePower APS® - 24/7 pure music enjoyment

PurePower APS® – 24/7 pure music enjoyment

Supplying 24/7 clean pure electric power to your audio or home theatre set under optimal conditions without any power limitations, bad and/or unstable mains power. Without any restrictions PurePower APS provides the ideal electric power and current any moment of the day. By using optional PowerPacks you can even keep on playing music or watch...
ENCORE - Harmonix new eminent loudspeaker.

ENCORE – Harmonix new
eminent loudspeaker.

We introduce ENCORE as Harmonix next generation Nearfield bookshelf speaker. ENCORE will delight you with ambient, clean, airy, true-to-life music reproduction, and bass and musical, dynamic impact. The soundstage is projected with a natural perspective and superbly-balanced. By involving the Harmonix Resonance theory, the ENCORE is capable of reproducing a faithful rendition of the original...
iFi micro iDSD usb dac, your best buy ever.

iFi micro iDSD usb dac,
your best buy ever.

NOW available, the incredible iFi micro iDSD. All we can say about the micro iDSD: ● Amazing performances ● Mindblowing features ● Advanced technology ● No serious competitor brands/products Price: only €569 You won’t regret it! Download: Micro iDSD Manual Website: iFi Micro personal & computer audio
Harmonix 'Big-Band' astonishing performance

Harmonix ‘Big-Band’
astonishing performance

Harmonix “Big-Band” tuning tapes, likewise, other Harmonix tuning devices such as RF-5700, improve the signal transmission when applied to analog and digital signal cables, headphone cables and speaker cables, and improves conductance when applied to power cords. In case, the sound quality of Car audio systems matter seriously, “Big-Band” tuning tapes will do the same...
iFi nano iDSD usb dac a true Hi-Fi bargain

iFi nano iDSD usb dac
a true Hi-Fi bargain

The nano iDSD is truly the world’s smallest, portable (only 163g) battery-powered, high-end DAC that natively plays ALL high-res formats, PCM (44.1-384kHz), DSD (5.6/6.2MHz) and DXD (352.8/384kHz) on: • Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod and Android devices; and • Computers with Windows/Mac/Linux systems with genuine high-end audio technologies: • True Native® playback, Bit-Perfect, Selectable Digital Filters, DirectDrive®, Asynchronous/Zero...
World's most musical D/A- converter still is a 16-bitter.

World’s most musical D/A-
converter still is a 16-bitter.

Yip, really true! The Reimyo DAP-999EX Limited musical performances go (far) beyond all other D/A-converters. A high-purity digital-to-analog converter unparalleled and unprecedented performance in its class bring you exquisite sound you have never ever experienced before. Employs Japan Victor’s K2 technology 24bit DAC IC, rigid constructed all aluminum body, custom design parts including transformers and...
iFi micro iLINK 24/192HD USB>SPDIF Converter

iFi micro iLINK 24/192
HD USB>SPDIF Converter

The iLINK is the ultimate USB to SPDIF converter. Rather than start with the converter chip, the iFi-team went beyond and analysed the whole transmission and conversion process. Only by doing this fundamental ground-work could the iFi-team overcome inherent sonic deficiencies seen in mainstream converters. When a digital signal is converted from one format to...
World First: iFi GeminiDual-Headed USB cable

World First: iFi Gemini
Dual-Headed USB cable

iFi Micro, London, U.K. – 8th February 2013: “Its one cable to rule them all” The Gemini Dual‐Headed USB cable is iFi’s approach to the highest quality of USB audio and power transmission. Its unique* features contribute a significant improvement in sound quality in all computer and personal usb audio applications. Also in combination with...
Harmonix RSB-1Tuning Board

Harmonix RSB-1
Tuning Board

While there are many boards for high end electronics available on the market, there may be none or very limited that can really satisfy. The newly introduced RSB-1 Tuning Board we is totally unparalleled and second to none in performance. RSB-1 has been designed on basis of Combak’s unique and traditional Harmonix tuning technology and...
Harmonix RF-5700 Ultimate Tuning Tips

Harmonix RF-5700
Ultimate Tuning Tips

For the finest music reproduction | RF-5700 Tuning Tips It is upgraded version of RF-57MK2 and ultimate tuning devices. It eliminates sound distortions caused by non-harmonized resonances present in all audio and visual equipments from amplifier, control amplifier, digital equipments, CD player, Analog player, to sensitive and delicate elements such as Cartridges, Headshells, Tonearms and...
Enacom Noise Filter Limited Edition

Enacom Noise Filter
Limited Edition

«Dutch Press Release» … Wist u dat de Enacom Noise Filters al 30 jaar op de markt zijn? Wist u dat er al meer dan 400.000 stuks wereldwijd zijn verkocht? Wist u dat de Enacom Noise Filters voor elke (high end) set, ook in combinatie met andere stroomfilters, serieus baat heeft voor geluid- en beeldverbetering, en dat voor relatief...