VORTEX HIFI - muziek, emotie, kippenvel.

VORTEX HIFI – muziek, emotie, kippenvel.

Zintuigelijke waarnemingen worden continu en in steeds toenemende mate beinvloedt door onder andere hoogfrequente elektromagnetische straling en laagfrequente elektrische velden. In wetenschappelijke kringen, in de milieugeneeskunde, bouwbiologie en homeopathie worden deze aangeduidt als ‘Elektrosmog’, ‘Dirty Power en ‘Dirty Electricity’. Onze hoormatige waarnemingen veranderen daardoor dermate dat we muziek anders ervaren en beleven: minder muzikaal, ruimtelijk,...

Harmonix RF-999Million
there is nothing alike

Almost 25 years Harmonix tuning products are worldwide leading audio accessories for improving sound and music performances of audio systems. Five years ago Chief designer Kazuo Kiuchi of Combak Corporation in Japan started his “Million Maestro Series” project. With the RF-999M Million Spike Base Kiuchi-San added an unbelievable fifth creation to his project. If you...
Harmonix 'Big-Band' astonishing performance

Harmonix ‘Big-Band’
astonishing performance

Harmonix “Big-Band” tuning tapes, likewise, other Harmonix tuning devices such as RF-5700, improve the signal transmission when applied to analog and digital signal cables, headphone cables and speaker cables, and improves conductance when applied to power cords. In case, the sound quality of Car audio systems matter seriously, “Big-Band” tuning tapes will do the same...
Still world's best D/A-converter is a 16-bitter.

Still world’s best D/A-converter is a 16-bitter.

Yip, really true! The Reimyo DAP-999EX Limited musical performances go (far) beyond all other D/A-converters. A high-purity digital-to-analog converter unparalleled and unprecedented performance in its class bring you exquisite sound you have never ever experienced before. Employs Japan Victor’s K2 technology 24bit DAC IC, rigid constructed all aluminum body, custom design parts including transformers and...

Harmonix RF-5700
Ultimate Tuning Tips

For the finest music reproduction | RF-5700 Tuning Tips It is upgraded version of RF-57MK2 and ultimate tuning devices. It eliminates sound distortions caused by non-harmonized resonances present in all audio and visual equipments from amplifier, control amplifier, digital equipments, CD player, Analog player, to sensitive and delicate elements such as Cartridges, Headshells, Tonearms and...
Enacom Noise Filter Limited Edition

Enacom Noise Filter
Limited Edition

«Dutch Press Release» … Wist u dat de Enacom Noise Filters al 30 jaar op de markt zijn? Wist u dat er al meer dan 400.000 stuks wereldwijd zijn verkocht? Wist u dat de Enacom Noise Filters voor elke (high end) set, ook in combinatie met andere stroomfilters, serieus baat heeft voor geluid- en beeldverbetering, en dat voor relatief...